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We are a US Importer and R&D Center for all things PPG through

Bruce Goldsmith Design.

We are proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on all gliders!

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Ground Handling

The Seed is the PERFECT ground handling glider. The Seed handles just like a full size glider which makes it the premier choice to learn how to kite, as well as refine your ground handling skills as a beginner or advanced pilot!

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Magic Motor

Beginner Glider - EN-A

This is a great glider for training beginner pilots on, but it can also be used for a safe glider on those bumpy flight days. This glider has a short trim range which is also a great choice for someone looking to grow in their maneuvering skills.

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Intermediate Glider - EN-B

This is an intermediate glider that can be used to train on and for beginner pilots to keep growing thier skills. It can also be used for a safe glider on those bumpy flight days. This wing is a reflex glider with a nice trim range to build your skills and start understanding 2D steering and speedbar. This is also a great option for a low hang point / foot launch convertible trike glider for someone that wants more speed and maneuverability.

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Epic 2 Motor

Beginner Glider - EN-B

This glider is perfect for those who wish to free fly as well as paramotor! It is a slower glider compared to the Blizzard, however it makes up for it with its light brake pressure and ability to transition to free flight!

Trims In = Freeflight (also motor)

Trims Out = Motor flight

Luna3 copy.jpg

Luna 3 (NEW!)


The newly released BGD Luna 3 is a huge leap in speed,  efficiency and roll rate while maintaining the famous stability and easy launch the Luna 2 was famous for. Featuring 10% increased cell count, higher aspect ratio, leading edge mini-rib reinforcements, re-designed risers with roller-cams and industry leading brake toggle design with 3-D brake handles, top speed over 70KM/H,  all new colors and more!      

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Trike Tandem - Beginner to Advanced

The Cyclone is the ultimate solo and tandem trike glider. It comes in size 34/38/42m respectively. With the short trike specific risers, seperate tip steering, incredibly easy launch, and robust build design. This glider is perfect for anyone flying a larger solo trike or conducting introductory tandems.

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Dual Lite Motor

Lightweight Footlaunch Tandem - EN-B

The Dual Lite - Motor, is based off of the legendary Dual Lite from the freeflight world. It is a lightweight glider perfect for tandem foot launch flight!

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