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The CYCLONE is a semi-reflex paramotor wing made to carry heavy loads: it's a whirlwind of strength with a surprisingly light tough

Key components on the Seed include:

  • A-Assist System

  • Light Handling

  • PPG Stability

  • Smooth Launch

  • Trike Purpose Built Risers

$4,800 (42/38)
$4,600 (34)

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When is the CYCLONE best to be used?

The Cyclone is a tough and strong semi-reflex wing for powered trike flight. It is designed for tandem or solo.

The stable, collapse- resistant wing has great roll stability and is great comfort for both pilot and passenger. This glider is known for its easy, uniform inflation and no tendency to overshoot. 

The risers are specifically designed with trikes in mind, with the short risers for a high hang point, a designated A-Assist connection point, long trimmers, and tip steering handles this glider is a well rounded, solid choice for pilots of all skill levels.

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